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Raymond Mill for Gypsum Powder

Gypsum powder is an important industrial raw material, which is widely used in construction, building materials, chemical industry, etc. As the most important equipment for making gypsum powder, raymond mill has a large market demand. What should we pay attention when we buying a raymond mill?

Raymond Mill

 --- The production capacity. The grinding efficiency of raymond mill is mainly affected by production capacity. HXJQ raymond mill can grind 280+ materials with high efficiency.

 --- The wear parts. In order to guarantee the service life of the raymond mill, we produce our raymond mill with high quality steel.

 --- The maintenance. If raymond mill is difficult to repair, it will not only reduce the production efficiency, but also increase the cost when it working.

 --- The price. Our customers will save their cost as HXJQ is a professional manufacturer of raymond mill with our own factory, so we can sell our raymond mills to our customers with factory price.

Raymond Mill

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