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Is The Stone Secondary Crushing Equipment? Cone Crusher, or Impact Crusher?

We all know that the secondary crushing equipment plays an essential role after coarse crushing by jaw crusher, during the stone crushing plant, then, let’s distinguish which kind of secondary crusher is better, impact crusher or cone crusher?

Introduction of cone crusher

A Cone crusher is more suitable for high-hardness stone crushing, such as river pebbles, granite, quartz, basalt, etc. Through the working principle of layer pressure, the material is extruded and broken, the particle size is not too proper, the particle size is irregular, the needle plate content is more, and the taste is not high. It is necessary to further shape the sand machine equipment. However, the production capacity of cone crushing is very strong and belongs to large-scale high-yield stone crushing processing equipment.

Introduction of impact crusher

The impact crusher is more suitable for soft rock crushing operations, such as limestone, dolomite, weathered rock, etc. Based on the principle of impact crushing, the material is crushed by collision and friction between the plate hammer and the impact plate, which can achieve more crushing and less grinding of the material, and has a certain shaping effect. Therefore, the discharging particle shape is good, and the needle plate is less, but the production capacity is relatively low.

Which is more suitable, the impact crusher or cone crusher?

Cone crusher and impact crusher are common stone two-breaking equipment, so in the actual production, which is better? This depends on the user's actual operating conditions.

When raw materials have higher hardness, it’s a good choice to sue cone crushers.

The vulnerable parts of the cone crusher are made of alloy materials so that the wear degree of the vulnerable parts is lighter when ore hardness to be broken is higher, and it is not easy to cause damage to the equipment in case of the harder stone. At the same time, the hydraulic cavity cleaning system is also used. When foreign bodies appear in the crushing cavity, they can be discharged in time, and will not cause damage to the equipment. Therefore, the cone crusher is selected as the secondary crushing equipment when the stone with high hardness is broken.

When the hardness of raw materials is medium or lower, or soft materials, the impact crusher is selected for secondary crushing.

The crushing principle of the impact crusher is very suitable for the low hardness or the crushing of soft materials, which will not cause the problems of stone powdering and chipping. The stone can be made into cubic sand after multiple beatings by a plate hammer, which is very consistent with the standard of high-quality sand.

However, many people think that the cone crusher can crush hard stone, the crushing of soft stone should also be possible, in fact, is not so, the saying is ' technical expertise ', suitable for crushing which kind of stone crusher, should crush which kind of stone. If the material with low hardness is broken by cone, it will cause serious over-powder of stone, the problem of chipping, and the abnormal wear of the main components of the equipment.

To sum up, for users, the price is also an important factor in the selection of stone secondary crushing equipment. The price of the impact crusher is relatively cheaper, but the cone crushing output is larger and more durable. We can choose according to the actual situation.

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